Asphalt Plant


Our asphalt plant is located in Olathe, Kansas. We supply hot-mix asphalt for a wide range of public and private projects and customers. Made by Astec, our Double Barrel plant can produce up to 425 tons of hot-mix asphalt per hour. Our plant also has the ability to recycle old asphalt pavement into new hot-mix asphalt, which has revolutionized the industry. It’s cheaper, provides a better product, and is very environmentally-friendly.

We strive daily to produce quality mixes for all our customers. Since 1999, our facility has received the “Diamond Achievement Award” from the National Asphalt Pavement Association for excellence in hot-mix asphalt plant/site operations. It is a privilege we hope to maintain for many years to come.

Contact Info

ΒΌ Mile West of 149th Street and Valley Road
Olathe, Kansas